Monday, August 11, 2014

August 4th letter

Ok so the week was great! The whole week we were working a lot with references from members trying to increase the rather small teaching pool we started with this week. And...... wow. Imagine some very incredible members of the church who havent been baptised yet.
The best way to describe my week is in the stories. Monday I got here and at about 7:00 we had a meeting with the ward mission leader. He is an excemplary member of the church who has a passion for the gospel. His family warmly greated me and we all immediately became good friends. After we went to the bishops house, and he too was happy to have me here, commented on how he liked my enthusiasum and seems like he will be great to work with.

Tuesday we met with some of the investigators the past missionaries had been working with. 
I forget the order, forget the when, Ill just get to the stories. 
During one day this week I was a little anxious about our group of investigators, and prayed that we would be able to do what is right and find those who were ready to hear the gospel. The next day we found a woman named E who told us that after almost passing away from cancer a year ago  wants to know why she is here, where she came from, and where she is going! 
Pray for her.

That same day we found a young man named B that believes the Book Of Mormon is true but has yet to be baptised because he never believed it was very fair that Jesus would visit the people who lived her in the Americas. He is hidding the book of Mormon from his parents and reading it because they do not accept the church. 
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to be short.
Elder Showalter

July 28th letter

 I writing you from my new area in Jardim Ipé. Saturday morning Elder Matamal (whose our zone leader) and I recieved the transfer notices for our zone and I recieved the news I would be transfered and become a senior companion. The news was a little bitter sweet because I really attached to Paranaguá. I loved the ward, the members were helpful, awesome investigators who became very close to me, and especially L and E. One lady, and Y were particularly sad to see me go. I bought me a pen with my name engraved in it. She put together a notebook to have people write goodbye notes to me and then passed it around to several members and investigators. Tons of people asked for pictures with me after church and I can tell you I really felt appreciated. Many people told me how great a job I did and, what was my personal favorite, that I "made a difference". Many people invited me to come back and visit! Y came to the bus terminal to tell me goodbye, and gave me a tie to remember him by! When we go there as a family I can´t wait to introduce everyone to you! Paranaguá was a very happy experience for me.

  My new area seems great. I am filling the place of Elder Mcgill! My companion from the MTC! Sweet right!? My new companion, Elder Gilherme, is from São Paulo, comes from a family of 19 siblings! And seems like a great guy. He is twenty one and has been in the field for 5 months. 

  Before I left Paranaguá  we had been working with a girl named Liza. She is 12 years old and absolutely loved us missionaries. She is dedicated to coming to church every Sunday and participated in every one of our Integration Nights. Yesterday she was baptised. Her family came to the baptismal service, grateful that she was making the decision and even excited to start investigating more for themselves. We took lots of pictures and when I figure out how to send them just a little faster I will get them right to you! 
  Please pray lots for me this week. I want to do a good job as a senior, and truly make a friend out of my companion. I would like nothing more than the opportunity to continue successfully as a senior, as much in my personal development but whats more in how this area, and my new investigators will develop.  
With all my love,
 Elder Showalter

Pictures from July

July 21st letter

 Ok so this week was really great! We had a baptism of a young man E! He is 11 years old and was baptised last night. There were about 25 people at his baptism including his non-member mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and uncle. About a month or two back E´s cousin was baptised and they are only a year apart. They both made the decision to join the church and now they have eachother for support! They come to church every sunday without fail and are loving every minute. Es´cousin, Yuri, is incredible. He has a huge testimony, is already reading Preach My Gospel and preparing to serve a mission.... at twelve! He knows how to give the first lesson and is busy every day memorizing scripture and reading the Book of Mormon! One day I want to be like this kid! They are huge examples to me. Because of their great example, we are getting closer to baptising both sets of their parents! Wooo

  I have been sick for about two weeks now but I am pulling around for the better. Lately I have made lots of good changes for the better and will continue working on the language in order to teach better! My capacities to teach must be improved. Next week is tansfers and I don´t know what will happen. Elder Matamala thinks I will leave, but in all honesty I don´t want to. This area has been my favorite in lots of different ways! 

  Ether 12: 39 talks about how Christ talked with Moroni, face to face, with humility, and in Moronis´own language. This week I have been trying to imitate Christs´ example in ministering by learning the language better, talking to more people, and develope a stronger love for those whom I am serving. It hasnbeen a blessing to feel close and more concerned for my investigators, companion, and people around me. I am really doing very well.

Thank you for your prayers!
With all my love,
Elder Showalter 

July 14th letter

Time got away from us! These last few months have been busy, and we are in the middle of a move at the moment, so we will be sharing the last several of Mckay's letters and updating more later. Thanks for understanding!

- Showalter family


Lots of good news this week. The best of which is that this ward is picking up speed on missionary work! These last few weeks we have been doing the activity that I mentioned in my last letter home called "Integration Night". The principle behind it is simplicity. Simple food, easy activity, simple message, oriented on helping people quickly "break the ice" one with another. The effects have been immediate. Two activities later we saw the attendence at the activity more than double from 15 to ~36. A few of our investigators have mentioned that the activity has helped them to really feel welcome and even at home in the ward. One of these investigators M was having doubts about letting her son get baptised in the church in the next few weeks, but after a conversation with her she has decided to let him get baptised this Saturday! Partially based on her feelings after the activity. She said that it is also possible that she too will be baptised! Her son made the comment to us "I want to be baptised and don´t want to sin anymore.". He´s eleven! I couldn´t have been happier.

  Forgive the craziness of all these last four weeks, I´m sure that you can all feel that these last few letters weren´t the best of the best. The world cup, transfers, and that zone conference had messed up the routine a little, but now it´s back to normal!!
 I love you, keep praying for me,
 Elder Showalter

Monday, March 17, 2014

The work is MARCHing on...

Dear Family!
  I hope everyone is doing well! I haven't read your emails yet but last week sounded like everyone was doing really well! We actually had a great week here too! We had five investigators in sacrament meeting!! Three were young men below the age of twenty three! That is a huge victory for this branch because we are in need of worthy priesthood holders! 
  I have better pictures too but I just simply tried to get some off this week. I will continue to get better at that and will try to make that a regular part of my emails. 
  So this week we are very close on a baptism in this area with Jean. He is super firm and feels ready to go, the only thing that is missing is he has a superstition about march, he feels like everything he starts in march goes bad. So we have him marked for the fifth of April, the week after the end of the transfer cycle. He says he may want me to do the baptism, but whether or not I am here he will be baptized he says, and to me that indicates a firm decision of his! That´s all that matters anyway!
  This week we had a really sweet experience proselyting. We were walking down the street when we felt impressed to talk to a man outside a bar. He was more than likely drunk, but, we did it anyway. We ended up really helping this man. He told us he had had an absolutely awful day, all he had done was drunk. We had him pray in forgiveness in the street and walked him home. He was super drunk practically falling over, but he was with it enough to know where he needed to get to. We took his cigarettes, and took his phone number, but were never able to get back in touch with him.
  Right now Elder Gonzalez is letting me take more control of the area, and it is kind of difficult. It isn't always easy to feel like you know where you are supposed to go every day. 
  The names this week are Jean, Rodrigo, Luis and Simoni, Maria and Carlos, and Fransisco. 
 Well I love you family!!!!!
 Elder Showalter    
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Loads of great investigators, and more miracles!

Feb 24, 2014

Dear Family!

Hey I love you just so you know!

   I got a new opportunity this week to kind of lead the area here. My companion didn´t know the streets or investigators and we really did very well. We aren´t teaching lessons to focused people as much as we want, but we are teaching and we had a lot of lessons this week. My new companion is a fire ball! He hits it hard every day and strange as it sounds I have to try to keep up with him! He is the first companion I have felt is really gonna push me and help me grow as a missionary and by definition a teacher. He is a rocket during planning and I have a ton to learn from him. I can´t wait to tell you about the successes we will have. We have a man this week named Jean that has been to church 6 consecutive times. He is interested in the Gospel, and is really finding himself at home in the ward. He speaks English fluently and is currently looking for a job to teach it. This last week he told us something that really amazed me. He comes from a family of alcoholics and was one himself, but, miraculously, he stopped the day he started to come to church, and has lost the desire to drink entirely, he told us he feels like his mind is clearer and he controls himself better. Truly this speaks wonders of the miracle and gift of Christ. We can truly lose our desire to sin, and I have seen it happen now to someone very special in a miraculous way. In short the work is good. We have strong, solid families that have good standards and a desire to learn. For this week we need some prayers troops! Regina, Casandra, Julio, Gabriel, Elizangela, and Jean are really super important. Please also pray for Luis, Lucas, Sergio, and Adrielle. I´m super excited to report on where they will be in a few weeks!

  Mom I actually have not gotten the package yet, it takes six weeks from what I hear to arrive in the mission office, and after that I can only get it after they send it or someone brings it to me. But don´t worry! I´m doing great! Hey you know what I just wanted to thank all you guys for the awesome letters and stuff! Mom the ties rock. I am the envy of many a missionary! I especially like the purple one you sent. Super cool. Hey by the way about packages I am good on food. Don't worry about what you send, my stomach is now used to the one meal a day thing. It was just a matter of getting used to. We eat with members almost every day and 95 percent of the time there is plenty to go around. I eat like a champ at lunch now and don´t have to worry the rest of the day! All is well, seriously you guys would be very impressed, I surprise myself daily at how much I eat.

  The super market is sweet Mom. We have access to meat, rice, beans, all types of spices, and the most amazing fresh fruit you can imagine. On days where we need to eat at home we have money given to us usually by the member responsible for that day. No worries! 

   Our apartment is nice, we live on the second floor and it looks out over lots of Guarapuava! It is usually hot here, people are incredibly nice (usually), members have started to take a liking to me and I think things are about to start to pick up momentum! The way we are headed I think you guys are in for some good letters home in the next few weeks!

  Tell me how the quilts, babies, water polo games, college, and new controller/gm are! I love hearing from home. My heart is always there, but I carry it with me too, I am very present here in the work, doing my best, and trying to put it all out there and come home in glory ahahahah! 

Love you alll!!!!!!!!!


Elder Mac Attack