Monday, August 11, 2014

July 28th letter

 I writing you from my new area in Jardim Ipé. Saturday morning Elder Matamal (whose our zone leader) and I recieved the transfer notices for our zone and I recieved the news I would be transfered and become a senior companion. The news was a little bitter sweet because I really attached to Paranaguá. I loved the ward, the members were helpful, awesome investigators who became very close to me, and especially L and E. One lady, and Y were particularly sad to see me go. I bought me a pen with my name engraved in it. She put together a notebook to have people write goodbye notes to me and then passed it around to several members and investigators. Tons of people asked for pictures with me after church and I can tell you I really felt appreciated. Many people told me how great a job I did and, what was my personal favorite, that I "made a difference". Many people invited me to come back and visit! Y came to the bus terminal to tell me goodbye, and gave me a tie to remember him by! When we go there as a family I can´t wait to introduce everyone to you! Paranaguá was a very happy experience for me.

  My new area seems great. I am filling the place of Elder Mcgill! My companion from the MTC! Sweet right!? My new companion, Elder Gilherme, is from São Paulo, comes from a family of 19 siblings! And seems like a great guy. He is twenty one and has been in the field for 5 months. 

  Before I left Paranaguá  we had been working with a girl named Liza. She is 12 years old and absolutely loved us missionaries. She is dedicated to coming to church every Sunday and participated in every one of our Integration Nights. Yesterday she was baptised. Her family came to the baptismal service, grateful that she was making the decision and even excited to start investigating more for themselves. We took lots of pictures and when I figure out how to send them just a little faster I will get them right to you! 
  Please pray lots for me this week. I want to do a good job as a senior, and truly make a friend out of my companion. I would like nothing more than the opportunity to continue successfully as a senior, as much in my personal development but whats more in how this area, and my new investigators will develop.  
With all my love,
 Elder Showalter