Monday, August 11, 2014

July 21st letter

 Ok so this week was really great! We had a baptism of a young man E! He is 11 years old and was baptised last night. There were about 25 people at his baptism including his non-member mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and uncle. About a month or two back E´s cousin was baptised and they are only a year apart. They both made the decision to join the church and now they have eachother for support! They come to church every sunday without fail and are loving every minute. Es´cousin, Yuri, is incredible. He has a huge testimony, is already reading Preach My Gospel and preparing to serve a mission.... at twelve! He knows how to give the first lesson and is busy every day memorizing scripture and reading the Book of Mormon! One day I want to be like this kid! They are huge examples to me. Because of their great example, we are getting closer to baptising both sets of their parents! Wooo

  I have been sick for about two weeks now but I am pulling around for the better. Lately I have made lots of good changes for the better and will continue working on the language in order to teach better! My capacities to teach must be improved. Next week is tansfers and I don´t know what will happen. Elder Matamala thinks I will leave, but in all honesty I don´t want to. This area has been my favorite in lots of different ways! 

  Ether 12: 39 talks about how Christ talked with Moroni, face to face, with humility, and in Moronis´own language. This week I have been trying to imitate Christs´ example in ministering by learning the language better, talking to more people, and develope a stronger love for those whom I am serving. It hasnbeen a blessing to feel close and more concerned for my investigators, companion, and people around me. I am really doing very well.

Thank you for your prayers!
With all my love,
Elder Showalter