Monday, March 17, 2014

The work is MARCHing on...

Dear Family!
  I hope everyone is doing well! I haven't read your emails yet but last week sounded like everyone was doing really well! We actually had a great week here too! We had five investigators in sacrament meeting!! Three were young men below the age of twenty three! That is a huge victory for this branch because we are in need of worthy priesthood holders! 
  I have better pictures too but I just simply tried to get some off this week. I will continue to get better at that and will try to make that a regular part of my emails. 
  So this week we are very close on a baptism in this area with Jean. He is super firm and feels ready to go, the only thing that is missing is he has a superstition about march, he feels like everything he starts in march goes bad. So we have him marked for the fifth of April, the week after the end of the transfer cycle. He says he may want me to do the baptism, but whether or not I am here he will be baptized he says, and to me that indicates a firm decision of his! That´s all that matters anyway!
  This week we had a really sweet experience proselyting. We were walking down the street when we felt impressed to talk to a man outside a bar. He was more than likely drunk, but, we did it anyway. We ended up really helping this man. He told us he had had an absolutely awful day, all he had done was drunk. We had him pray in forgiveness in the street and walked him home. He was super drunk practically falling over, but he was with it enough to know where he needed to get to. We took his cigarettes, and took his phone number, but were never able to get back in touch with him.
  Right now Elder Gonzalez is letting me take more control of the area, and it is kind of difficult. It isn't always easy to feel like you know where you are supposed to go every day. 
  The names this week are Jean, Rodrigo, Luis and Simoni, Maria and Carlos, and Fransisco. 
 Well I love you family!!!!!
 Elder Showalter    
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