Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Third week in the MTC

Hi Everyone!

In response to your questions, Elder Harris and I were getting along just fine, and his visa came this week! He left this morning for the Brazilian MTC. So I bet your wondering what happens o me now because I'm the only Elder in my district so I'll let you know the branch presidency brought in an elder from our sister district, Elder Mcgill. Next week I'll tell you more about him.

Portuguese is coming great! I could definitely learn to make better use of my time during language study, not that I am of focus but I am for sure not being as productive as I could be. I love the language! It is truly becoming my own, and that is kind of hard to explain in words. When I say becoming my own I mean it not in the sense of my comprehension or mastery but rather in my relationship to the language itself and what it represents and means to me. I was listening last week to a member of the First or second quorum of the seventy, Elder Godoy, and he was from Brazil. His personality bubbled of the stage! He was super animated and taught profound messages in the parable of his conversion in Brazil nearly 40 years ago. He struggled with the language at moments and more than once confused years and dates ahahhah! He was simply happy and it made me so happy and excited to go to Brazil! You should have heard the way he described being taught by the missionaries. It was amazing. That experience as well several others have begun to make me feel a profound connection and love for Portuguese and Brazil in general. I can't wait to meet the people!

Exercise is good, its not everyday, but because the schedule is so busy and I don't exactly have the opportunity to hit the kitchen real quick to snack I am actually feeling like I am making progress, albeit minimal. Good food choices are available, and our room is on the fifth floor of our building which also helps. Hahaha. 

Hey and yes! I do need some stuff, vests are fair game! I would love to see both my sweater and black, dress vest in my thanksgiving package! Also, my tie hanger would be great. If you cant send the vests SEND THE TIE HANGER. =) And by the way, that Halloween package was the best. The care that you all put into it was palpable and it meant the world to me, I loved it. 

I love the MTC schedule! Rigid, unbending, and effective! 
Love you all!