Monday, August 11, 2014

July 14th letter

Time got away from us! These last few months have been busy, and we are in the middle of a move at the moment, so we will be sharing the last several of Mckay's letters and updating more later. Thanks for understanding!

- Showalter family


Lots of good news this week. The best of which is that this ward is picking up speed on missionary work! These last few weeks we have been doing the activity that I mentioned in my last letter home called "Integration Night". The principle behind it is simplicity. Simple food, easy activity, simple message, oriented on helping people quickly "break the ice" one with another. The effects have been immediate. Two activities later we saw the attendence at the activity more than double from 15 to ~36. A few of our investigators have mentioned that the activity has helped them to really feel welcome and even at home in the ward. One of these investigators M was having doubts about letting her son get baptised in the church in the next few weeks, but after a conversation with her she has decided to let him get baptised this Saturday! Partially based on her feelings after the activity. She said that it is also possible that she too will be baptised! Her son made the comment to us "I want to be baptised and don´t want to sin anymore.". He´s eleven! I couldn´t have been happier.

  Forgive the craziness of all these last four weeks, I´m sure that you can all feel that these last few letters weren´t the best of the best. The world cup, transfers, and that zone conference had messed up the routine a little, but now it´s back to normal!!
 I love you, keep praying for me,
 Elder Showalter