Monday, February 24, 2014


Feb 17, 2014

Dear Family!

 Today I don´t have time to read emails before just so you know. I have been having a great time here in Brazil. In honesty so many things are happening so quickly and we keep so busy I barely have any time to reflect on anything! Yet I am loving it. 

  Some really amazing experiences have happened in the past few days. On Saturday we had O Noite de Pizza, or The night of the pizza! We had, between the efforts of four Elders and the Guarapuava Branch members over 160 non-members attend. Miracles! We have seriously awesome investigators right now and an amazing chance to change this area! Presidente Fernades wants to make this district a stake in the next two years!

  Anyway I did get a new companion this week. Elder Long went home and my new companion/zone leader is another awesome missionary named Elder Gonzalez! This will be a good transfer. 

  I wanted to see if you could do something for me this week, if you could please tell all the young women in the ward thanks for all the cards they sent me in the mtc (yes I know it has been a while I kept forgetting=)), thank the Haubers for their nice letter from a few months ago, I just got it last week, Ashley Springer for her nice card, and tell her I just got it and it takes a while for packages/ letters to go from here to there but I will reply, and Thank Sister Bert for me for the recipes!! 

  Brazil is literally awesome. Our apartment is much nicer than in New Jersey however the furniture is lacking. It fits four missionaries relatively comfortably, and I will be sure to send my photos of it home on my card. Food is amazing! Mangos mom......... you wouldn't believe. All the members here are very nice, and I even felt this past few days that some members have a genuine like for me. Our branch President, a member called Ronelson, Rosny, and several others seem to actually like me despite the difficulty of a language barrier. That means I am doing something right!!!! Yayayaya! 

  Super markets are pretty much the same, somethings they have and others they don´t, but really it is the same way in the US. I have taken a particular liking to mangos here and buy them all the time!

  Yes, our house is next to the enormous grain silo! Tan and green building, but I don't know what color the roof is!


With all of my love, and sorry for the short one,

Elder Showalter