Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life in Brazil E Muito GRANDE!

Jan. 27, 2014

My family!
  Well the time is here again to email. It just seems to fly by. I tell you what, I love being busy. I love having a purpose and getting to focus on it, and really sink my teeth into somethng. I love learning this language, its like one enormous puzzle/ game of sharades!
We ran around a ton this week, and did a lot to prepare for this upcoming week. We have tons of set appointments, and lots of progressing investigators. Specifically, Sebastião, Rosa, Durinezio, and Regina.
  We are heading to Curitiba at the end of the week for some business, Elder Long is going to a zone leader training and we have to do a couple things with the police station, get my passport, signed or validated or something like that. Anyway all is well!
  I still can´t believe I am in South America, finally in Brazil! Its so awesome and the experience is all the better because I am enjoying it so much! I´m so glad I got to feel what I don´t want my mission to be like before this! And I am also very grateful to still see room to grow.
Anyway, I got all your emails last week and they were fun and I ment to bring them with me today to make sure I got evryones questions but I forgot them at the house!
  I do remeber that I wanted to say good job on the steal Dad, it sounds like you are in a lot better position now that you have a controller! Hey and I wanted to let you know that you are doing such a great thing by helping the missionaries in anyway you can! They will talk about you to the other missionaries, you will all recieve more spiritual blessings, definately gain a friend or two (probably two) by talking to missionaries stomachs and to their member referals list! I actually almost cried when you told me the other week all you and the whole family are doing to help the missionary work! Your efforts do not go unnoticed I am telling you!
  Ty, you are awesome! Keep being funny, and work hard! At everything! Yes, even school! I know, don´t give me that look. =) Swim hard, study hard, smile a lot pal and get ready for the most enormous bear hug when I get back.....I would reenforce your eye sockets if I was you=)
  Brooke! Well that airport thing sounded stressful! And no, do not be worried about not writing me the other week! I love you tons, mail and email me the pictures of you and your baby but dont just email them, that is much harder.
  Mom! Hearts and kisses! You are so amazing, and such an example to me, keep working hard at that calling! It sounds like you have a ton on your plate! And thanks for the excellent letters! Oh how I wish you could come tell my companions how to clean, it is a very lost skill amoung missionaries I am learning! But don´t worry I am fine! Promise promise promise! I love it here.
Hey and about things I need. My camera still works, however I would love the switcheroo thing. That is a good plan. Other things I want you to know is that I will probably need to aquire in one fashion or the other another a new proselyting bag and shoes. Seriously I need military grade, more like boots than shoes, and a much much stronger bag. But not right now. If I can figure out something I will be able to make the bag work, but I will very likely need new shoes. For the package you are sending, know that whatever you send will make up the majority of my diet outside of lunch everyday. I do love candy, but I really need sustinace food. Like gummy bears=) just kidding and cliffbars. In reality if you havent sent my package yet I would like multivitamins too. I know for sure I am not getting all I need simply from the food I eat here. I have also lost me picture album to the elements. It grew moldy. I saved the pictures, they are in great shape, but I will need something else to keep them in. Peanut butter doesnt exist here and neither do hymn books in English, they would be great trading tools if you have any way of sending anything like that, but I would eat the peanut butter. I wouldnt mind shoe insouls either, in fact I probably need them. I also need anti-persperant deoderant. Im not sure if I can find it here.
  This week I litterally taught on a Brazillian farm on a split with another Elder. Mom and Dad and really everyone, you would be very proud of me. I am doing well and hold my own in lessons souly in Portuguese.
Improving, happy, and just a little home sick=)
  I love you all!
Elder Showalter