Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan. 21, 2014 Letter


  All is good! I´m still so excited to be here. This week I have a little less to talk about but none the less plenty!

  Ok so the other week you asked me what types of things I would like in a biorthday package and I've started a list. Mostly food hahahah! But I forgot it this week.

  In regards to your questions here are the answers. Guarapuava is awesome, very South American! Muinto legal. Seriously its just about the coolest thing I have ever done to be here. The branch is big, more like a ward, with  about 90 regulars. The members, people, and everything about this place is friendly, warm, and inviting. I love it. Makes it a lot easier to be happy. My Portuguese is coming along excellent too! I have found a hidden talent. The language is really fun, even not understanding what people are saying is fun, its like one enormous puzzle I get to sink my teeth into. I'm putting forth my best. Summer weather is good, reminds me of Florida, although slightly cooler. I have in fact been using sunscreen too =) Im sure that's important to know. It also costs a lot of money here. I think 24 realis or about 12 bucks in the US. I am healthy and well, but the food schedule is different here, dinner doesn't really exist and lunch is pretty big most of the time, so when you send the package be sure to send lots of cliff and granola bars! That would help a lot. Also a list the simplest, cheapest recipes you can find, like how to make spaghetti and meatballs or beans. We are teaching a ton of people! Oh its awesome! And people actually like us here! and my companion is awesome!!!! He is willing to work hard and to do the right things! He is on his last transfer here and has proven that you don't have to be a ready to go at that time in your mission. He sets a really good example for me and is helping me grow. He is actually a zone leader here and has been called to be a district leader and new missionary trainer all at the same time. He is clearly pretty awesome right? NJ was a bit of a challenge, not overwhelming, but enough to have been uncomfortable, here its different, less aggravating challenges that I actually love dealing with! Some surprising things are that Brazil by all accounts should have been a more difficult situation to handle but has been fun! I just can't get enough. My thought is that I needed a little perspective on things before I got here and to get to know some really good people beforehand. P- DAYS ARE AMAZING! Last P- day we went and fished in the middle of the Brazilian outback! also know as the jungle. And had a lunch that was awesome! I've got some great videos and pictures you are all gonna love to see! That reminds me, did you all ever get my package I sent? It's been two weeks now. Anyway the only problem I now have is that we are only allowed 1 hour here for email. It's like the MTC but I had gotten used to the two hours. Also we are not allowed to email back and forth like New Jersey. I had gotten off before your email came through last week mom but now I know that we aren't even allowed to do that. Bummer right.

Anyway I love you all and hope you are doing well!


Elder Showalter

p.s. I have been doing better on my goals too! I actually can do more push ups now that at any other time in my life I know of - except maybe once.