Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

Dear Family,
I Love you so much! And happy to report on a good week in the field. First off I just want to let you know I FOUND MY CHARGER. =(. Sorry.
So this week was crazy. I am in a very different environment than I have ever been in before. Everything in my area is concrete, literally everything, houses, people, food, trees, dogs..... ha-ha no I'm just kidding. I'm was happy to hear from you all this week and can't wait to here what my nefice will be!
Teaching here is good, can anyone guess what language would be really helpful here?  ..... Anyone?    ARABIC. Crazy right. My first two lessons on day one were with people who were from Egypt and could speak little or no understandable English ( or at least so I thought at the time)

I have learned to decipher diverse dialects because I am not kidding everyone in the world is here. I won't even bother listing, you name it Bayonnes got it.
 It's nice to be in the real field and I am learning a lot. Patience being one of the top. Our area isn't currently as successful as I would like it to be so me and my companions are working hard to change that.
Our branch is so small we meet behind a small grocery store in a converted Laundromat, and although that is kind of new to me and probably to those of you who are reading this =) l love my family, It still feels like church.
We have an amazing ward mission leader here named Brother Hill. He is a convert of about a year I think and is one of the highlights of my time here. He comes out with us so much he could practically be our fourth companion. I have already seen him come out with the missionaries three to four times in five days. I am so grateful for his efforts, testimony, happiness and faith.
This first week hasn't been quite what I thought it would be. I thought missionary work would be alot more running around from appointment to appointment with our hair on fire than it is now. We haven't worked as much as I thought we would. Alot of other things seem to pop up on our calendar. On Thanksgiving I had some amazing experiences. We started the day by studying a little and then boarding a train to our zone leaders apartment. As we went we were taken through a city across the water from Manhattan. It. was. spectacular. We were among a bunch of buildings and offices and as we went roads cut lines through the concrete jungle to reveal amazing dramatic and close views of the liberty tower. My companions could tell you I nearly had a heart attack, and I wont even mention when we saw the Statue of Liberty going to district meeting the Tuesday after I got here. KILLER.
 One last thing for the fam. Wyatt emailed me this week and said that he had the wrong email. I can see now what a great missionary opportunity this is. 

Love you all,
Elder Showalter