Thursday, December 5, 2013

4th week in the MTC

Hi everyone! This week has been entertaining and uplifting. 

First thing first, I want you to know, all of you, that I am not in the least bit upset about my visa. I am busy with the work here at the MTC, enjoying my new companion, and sufficiently burdened by my responsibilities as the senior zone leader as to not be worried about when, or how my visa will come.
Tonight we will be hearing from Elder L. Tom Perry!!!!! Super excited! Most of our zone is singing in the choir! Can't wait to sing for a prophet! Ty you should tell Mrs. Salo and the choir hi for me, give Emily a hug for me and tell them I am singing in a choir here of about 500 people! Tell me about swimming and water polo! Tell me about friends and girlfriends and seminary. I'd love to hear.

This week I learned a little about leadership. In fact during my stay here at the MTC I have learned the value of correct, Christ-like leadership. There are so many opportunities here to correct other missionaries simply because there are so many rules to follow! Of course there are plenty of Elders and Sisters who don't follow rules simply because they don't want to, but in any case I have learned in every instance in my life where I have been a leader that empty words aren't followed. People don't follow a person who is not who they try to help others be. The Savior very rarely chastised but rather showed as a perfect example what things we are supposed to be as people. I've been trying to allow others to make there own decisions, and inform, implore, invite, and above all else to be an example. 

In reality time has started to fly by. During the first few weeks here days were very long. Perhaps I am not working as hard or am simply getting used to the schedule. I think a little of both. Christian, send me a Dear Elder in regards to your advice on effective language study! I am struggling to find structure or direction and feel I am not being as effective as I could be. I am happy with the directions I am heading however. I am still doing my best. Setting a strong pace I can maintain and doing the things I am supposed to do. This is such a great blessing for me to be here!

I love you my precious family,
Elder Showalter