Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First week in the MTC

This week has been amazing! News number one being that Elder Frosts' companion, Elder Lowe, got his visa to Brazil. He lives in Minnesota so he didn't go through the Miami consulate which means that it isn't a sure sign Ill get mine faster, then again people get them all over the map.  I was very excited for him because he now gets to go to the Brazilian MTC. It was good to see it can happen at any time.

I'm learning Portuguese very quickly. I'm super excited to see where I will be in a few weeks. Me and my companion are teaching an investigator and the lessons are solely in Portuguese. Its an amazing experience.
Sunday night we had a devotional and then watched a video of a talk given by Elder Bednar at the MTC. He added so much enlightening perspective and scope to the topic of true conversion for me! He extended a challenge to the missionaries to purchase or to obtain a paperback copy of the book of Mormon, address a specific question we have, read the whole thing and to mark it up according to that specific question. I really wanted to do what he  challenged us to do after the devotional so I took the challenge. I am 15 pages in and already I am being taught about the question I had. Its a blessing I desperately needed.

I was made a district leader, I wanna say Thursday. But I'm not 100 percent sure. Its been a good opportunity for me so far and I look forward to serving the missionaries in my district for the next few weeks.

My companions are great! (We now are a companionship of three because Elder Lowe left this morning) Everyone is willing to work hard, obey rules, keep our rooms clean, and to try to do our best. We have been complimented by our Zone leaders, the missionaries in charge of several districts, and we hope we can maintain course. In the past few days we have really become close and everyone feels bad Elder Lowe left, but we all know its a blessing for him.

Aside from that I am actually not sure on what to cover, let me think, well the food is worse than I thought it would be. Its not atrocious and its for sure not as putrid as Coral Springs High food. Keep chugging TY!

Keep in touch I love you all!